Clinical Forensic Psychology

Clinical Forensic Psychology is an area of specialized practice in which clinical psychologists provide services to address, and at times clarify, aspects of a legal question or issue in either civil or criminal cases. Clinical forensic psychologists provide evaluation or treatment services to individuals and/or families. They also provide consultation services to attorneys and courts.

Forensic psychological evaluation is a complex process that involves extensive interviewing, collection of collateral information, review of relevant records and psychological testing. Some forensic consultations can be less extensive and focused on limited aspects of a referral question. Opinions regarding forensic cases cannot be offered unless a professional relationship has been established beforehand. Such a relationship is typically arranged with Dr. Marshall by an attorney.

In criminal cases, Dr. Marshall also offers the following services:

  • Case consultation with attorneys or agencies
  • Competence to Stand Trial Evaluations
  • Mental Status at the Time of Offense Evaluations      
  • Court Mandated Therapy
  • Psychosexual (Sex Offender) Evaluations
  • Violence Risk Assessment
  • Child Sexual Abuse Evaluations
  • Pretrial & Sentencing Mitigation Evaluations

In civil cases, Dr. Marshall also the following services:

  • Case consultation with attorneys or agencies
  • Independent case review
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Single party psychological evaluation of children, adolescents or adults
  • Guardianship Evaluation
  • Fitness for Duty Evaluation

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